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Las Manos  means  “The Hands”  

because most of our clients tell us..."you have wonderful hands"...

There are three qualities that a therapist can offer.....experience, training and dedication. Colleen and William have all three in a wonderful, healing blend.   

Colleen Finley and William McQueen have both been massaging professionally since 1996, and in fact they met while massaging in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. At that time they opened Gentle Strength Massage in Steamboat Springs. They had a beautiful studio and catered to both the ski/summer spa visitor and local residents, but their dream was a small town in Central Colorado called Buena Vista, a town that they had both known since the 1970s.

Colleen and William both believe very strongly that therapeutic massage is a large part of a healthy lifestyle, and they have helped many of their clients and indeed friends to a more relaxed, stress-free and pain-free life through regular massage and bodywork. As a brief explanation, massage encompasses a more relaxing but still therapeutic session, while bodywork includes more detailed work addressing specific issues such as pre and post-surgery, chronic pain, limited Range of Motion and headaches, while still including a very important component of relaxation.

Perhaps the most wonderful part of massage at Las Manos is that all massages are 90 minutes. This gives Colleen and William extra time to really give every client the very best attention to relaxing tired and overworked muscles.


And, we charge only $75 for our 90 minute massages. Why so little for a longer than usual massage? We believe that $75 is a fair price for a one hour massage, just like most everyone in our area. But we believe even more that our clients deserve a very special experience, and a 90 minute massage is exactly that...a very special treat for you.




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Colleen has over 1000 hours of massage training. She graduated from The Mueller College of Holistic Studies in San Diego in 1996. In addition to Swedish and Deep Tissue work, she is continuing her study of CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute and has recently completed a year of continuing education at The Healing Spirits Massage Training Program in Boulder.

William graduated from The Esalen Institute in 1995. Esalen is the second oldest massage school in the US. Esalen’s style is one of attention to the client’s overall situation. If your shoulder is sore, it usually means that the back, neck, arm and other shoulder are suffering too….and they all need integration into a healthy body. William is known for excellent Deep Tissue work and an ability to relax even the most stressed-out client.

William is continuing his education with, led by Til Luchau, an internationally known educator who teaches a very effective form of MyoFascial Release Therapy, which he created after many years as a Faculty member with The Rolf Institute, The Esalen Institute and Naropa University. William has been attending classes since 2010 and in 2013 graduated with the Certified Advanced Myofascial Therapist degree (CAMT). He  has completed classes in Neck, Jaw and Head, Headaches, TMJ, Spine and Lower Back, Pelvis and Sacrum, and Sciatica, Legs, Knees and Feet, and Shoulder Girdle and Arm.Since 2012 he has continued with and has taken new classes in Ribs, Myofascia & Movement, Advanced Knee and Scoliosis. He has also repeated several of the earlier classes as refreshers. He is currently enrolled in the CAMT II program which offers even more techniques and trainings.

I honestly believe that William's work over the past 3 years has significantly improved the quality of my day-to-day life.  

Carolynn Mendick 2015



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